Introducing: The Star Wars of Euro 2016 Rumours!

Introducing: The Star Wars of Euro 2016 Rumours!
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The summer break has come to an end, which means the new season of the European Championship is now in full swing. The tournament is held every four years and is one of the most important tournaments in the football world.
The previous season, the tournament was dominated by the Netherlands, who won the title for the second time. The team of Frank Ribery, which was the main contender for the title in the previous season also managed to win the tournament.
This time, the Netherlands will be joined by the team of Willem Mandzukic, who managed to score a lot of goals in the national team. The fact that the team has managed to achieve this is due to the fact that it has a good selection of players.

The team of Mandzuka is expected to be one of main contenders for the victory in the tournament, which will allow them to qualify for the next stage of the tournament and finally get the chance to win gold medals.
Now, the team is expected not only to be successful in the domestic arena, but also to achieve great results in the international arena. This is why the team will be able to qualify to the next round of the competition.
Will the team be able not only be successful on the international field, but will it be able also to compete with the main favorites of the event?
The answer to this question is definitely yes, as the team can be considered as one of those favorites. This team is considered to be the main favorite of the Euro 2016, as it is considered one of its main competitors.
In the summer, the main goal of the team was to win a place in the Champions League zone, as this is the main European club tournament. The club managed to do this, but this was not the main priority of the club.
However, the club is now ready to compete in the Europa League, which is another tournament of the top European clubs. The main goal for the club now is to get into the Champions Cup zone, which can be achieved only if the club wins the Europa Cup.
Fans can now follow the development of the situation in the club, as well as the results of the matches of the national teams on the website of sports statistics.
Results of the Season of the Champions
The club of Frank Lampard, which has managed not to win any trophy in the last few years, is now trying to get out of the crisis and finally win gold.
At the beginning of the season, it was clear that the club was not able to compete against the main clubs of the Old Continent. However, the situation changed at the end of the first half of the championship, when the team managed to get to the playoffs.
After that, the fans of the Lampard’s team were able to see a lot more and more, as they were able not to miss anything important.
It is now clear that this season the team’ll have to do its best not only on the domestic level, but on the European arena as well. This means that the main task of the players of the Dutch national team will now be to achieve the best result in the matches against the top clubs of Europe.
Thus, the first matches of this season of Champions League will be held on the 21st of June, and the results will be available on the sports statistics website.
Main Favorites of the New Season
The main favorites for the new championship are the following teams:
1. Liverpool.
2. Manchester City.
3. Tottenham Hotspur.
4. Chelsea.
5. Bayern Munich.
6. Roma.
7. Ajax.
8. Sevilla.
9. Paris Saint-Germain.
10. Juventus.
11. Barcelona.
12. Bayern.
13. Juventus Turin.
14. Bayer.
15. RB Leipzig.
16. Arsenal.
17. Tottenham.
18. Inter.
19. Valencia.
20. Valencia Turin
21. Atletico Madrid.
22. Juventus Bologna.
23. Lazio.
24. Atalanta.
25. Sevillas.
26. Juventus Roma.
Fans of the teams can follow the results on the site of sports statistic, where the information is updated in real time.
New Season of Champions
In recent years, the Champions league has become one of Europe’ s most popular tournaments. The competition is very intense, as there are only a few rounds left before the end, and this means that it is very important to achieve a good result in each of them.
Among the main contenders of the new tournament, the teams of FrankRibery and the Netherlands stand out. The reason for this is that the teams are considered to have a good lineup, as each of the members of the squad has a lot to offer.
Of course, the most obvious factor of the success of the Netherlands is the fact they have managed to qualify directly for the playoffs, which allowed them to win their second trophy in a row.
Another reason for the success is the good selection the team had in the squad. The players of this team have a lot in common, as for example, the fact the they are able to score goals.

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